Open tryouts for boys 5th and 6th grades!!! We have 3 spots left for each grade. Tuesdays 6pm and 7pm and fridays @ 6:30pm. Contact Coach Owens for more Info: 916-439-7389

6th Grade Champs WCBBA TOurney 10/6/2018

4th Grade Champs Manteca TOurney 7/1/2018

Manteca Tourney 4th Grade Champs 4/14/2018

WCBBA East bay 8th Grade Champs 5/12/2018

Mission College Tourney 6th grade Champs 3/2018

WCBBA East bay 4th Grade Champs 5/12/2018

Flight 7th A Team Tournament D1 Champs 4/29/17 SAS Tourney

Mission College Tourney 4th Grade Champs 3/2018

Flight 7th A Team Tournament D1 Champs 4/15/17 FairField Ballers Tourney

7Th grade Flight a So. cal tournament D1 champs 7/16/17

7th GrAde Flight  A Champs Lodi TOurney 5/21/17

ShootOut Tournament Results

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